Everyone using YouTube video portal for their personal and business videos. Many companies uploaded their products video into YouTube portal and embed the video into their website, this will be minimizing the website storage space as well as the video streaming time. But when you embed the video into your website, the related video will be listed at the end. This will be an unprofessional way to present the videos, so how can we stop the YouTube related videos?
disable youtube related videos

Disable YouTube related videos

  1. Open your YouTube video in YouTube portal
  2. Click on the Share button, then select Embed Tab
  3. Click on the Show more, than disable the Show suggested videos when the video finishes
  4. You can get the embed code and apply in your website

hide youtube related videos
Now your YouTube video will not display the suggested video at the end. If you are using WordPress, you can simply use and control this features by using WordPress responsive video plugins.



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