Most of people using laptop for their personal use, some companies also used laptop to support Uninterruptible Power Supply. Typically all laptop battery backup time will be maximum 3 to 4 hours; many people would like to increase their battery life some more time. So that they are adjusted their operating system performance manually. How laptop user can extend laptop battery life without adjust OS performance manually?
extend laptop battery life

Battery Optimizer

Battery Optimizer scans your laptop and analysis to improve your laptop battery life. This will provide the recommendation to increase your battery life with easy steps and improve your battery performance. Also battery optimizer will monitor your battery and alert you to your batter overloading and over charging; this app is very light weight so that it will not affect any computer performance.

Battery Optimizer specially designed for fix the laptop battery related issues and this will be save more power while your laptop goes sleep mode. This app will be very helpful to know about your backup timing and will be always alert to you how much power you need for completely your laptop going to down.


How to activate Battery Optimizer

Following step guide you to activate and analysis the your battery life by using battery optimizer

  1. Download and install the battery optimizer in your laptop
  2. Unplug your laptop if it is plugged already
  3. Open the battery optimizer by using task bar icons
  4. This will be indicate your battery backup percentage
  5. Click the Run Diagnostic button
  6. In Diagnostic tab select Express Scanning Mode and click Begin Diagnostic button
  7. After analyzed it will shows your laptop current battery charge, health, Time left at current charge and potential battery life
  8. Click Optimize battery life button

Now your laptop battery will be optimized and increase the battery life some more time.

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