People sometimes forgot their important things where they kept; like car key, bags, wallet, mobile and many more important things. How they can easy to find those things without stress? TrackR Bravo stops your searching process.
trackR bravo important things finder

What is TrackR Bravo?

TrackR Bravo is a simple Bluetooth device, this is helps you easy to find your important things if you kept it misplaced. This device made by Anodized Aluminum material and water restriction and it is simple and elegant design, so you can use this device in keychain, wallet and bags to find out misplaced. It is also provide the mobile app to contact the device with Bluetooth option; if you missed your wallet along with Trackr bravo device, just open TrackR mobile app and contact your device just click on the speaker button. TrackR bravo immediately alert with beep sound up to 85dB volume, so you can easy to hear the sound and find your wallet.


TrackR Bravo device Features

This device uses CR1620 type of battery and its Bluetooth range up to 100 feet. Also it is increase the coverage by using crowed GPS; this is alternative for mobile GPS, if many people using the Trackr app nearby you than your coverage area will be increased. This crowed GPS works on worldwide so you can don’t worry about your lost things anywhere and anytime.


TrackR devices also helps you to find your mobile from hidden place, you can just press the TrackR bravo device button your phone will be ringing even if it is in silent mode. Always you need to have enable Bluetooth features in your mobile to get TrackR device features. TrackR App designed for low energy battery usage, so if you always enable the Bluetooth in your mobile it will not drain your battery in short time. This device app will be supported on Android v 4.4 and iOS 8 or higher. Moreover if you have TrackR Bravo you can feel always secure.


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