Screenshot is essential part of everyone and online business technical support team, this will be more helpful for easy to identify the problems. Many people send the screenshot capture with desktop screenshot software and send to by email, but this is not a real-time solutions. Than how you capture the screenshot and share online instantly? Following 5 best tools helps you can make screenshot and share online instantly.
Jing screenshot capture software

Jing Screenshot

Jing is the best and free screen capture software, by using this you can make the screenshot very faster. Also you can edit screenshot as your needs such as highlight the part, add the text. After created the image, just click on the share button to sharing images through screencast online tool you can also set the password protected view options.



LightShot is making the customisation screenshot very faster; it is included powerful editor to make highlight your important part. This user interface is very usability so everyone can easy to use this app, also you can share the image to others by using its online servers.



TinyTaks is the best tool for create and share the screenshot with online. This tool included many features such as shapes, colours, effects and formatting so your screenshot is easy to understandable of any users. After make the screenshot you can upload and share to others with their own server.



GreenShot is the opensource screen capture tool, using this you can quickly make the selected region or full screen of your computer screenshot. This tool supported upload and share the screenshot in flicker and picasa.



Clarify is perfect screenshot software, it is make the best screenshot and modify the images than share to other by using dropbox. You can also send the screenshot to Evernote and WordPress, also this tool available for Windows and MAC computers.


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Hi Jey, there’s another way in Windows 10 (you seem to be using Win 8?)
Press Windows Key+G & it opens up Game bar. There you have built-in Screenshot & Screen Recording features.

Gaganjot Singh

There is a shortcut in windows 10 (windows key + H) to take screenshot an share it immediately.

Raymond Roshan

Thanks for sharing such wonderful post..but if you would have attached Video for same…it would be more helpful for us…