Hard Disk partition is important for Windows computer performance. Most of the computer hard disk partition in to two drives as ‘C’ and ‘D’. Typically in C drive many people using only system related applications and D drive maintain working files. If you would like to store your important files to separate drive, you can create virtual hard disk by sharing your existing hard Disk space in Windows 7, 8 computers.


How to create Virtual Hard Disk?

You can create virtual hard Disk in Windows 7, 8 Computers by doing following steps:

  1. Right Click on the Computer and select Manage
  2. Computer Management Window will be open Select Disk Management Under Storage Section
  3. Now Available Disk partition will be displayed
  4. Go to Right Side Actions Panel and click on More Actions
  5. Select Create VHD link
  6. create virtual hard drive

  7. Create and Attach Virtual Hard Disk window will be open
  8. Select the Drive which you would like to share the Space. You can mention any one of name as you desired. (ie: D:E.vhd)
  9. virtual hard drive

  10. Enter the Virtual Hard Disk size as you desired, but this size should be available in Shared hard disk.
  11. Select Virtual Hard Disk Type as Fixed Size and click OK
  12. New unallocated Hard Disk will be created
  13. Right Click on the disk and select Initialize Disk
  14. virtual hard drive

  15. Select the Unallocated Disk and Click OK
  16. Right Click on the Disk again and select New Simple Volume
  17. New Wizard window will be open, here you can Specify the volume Size, Assign Drive Letter and Format of Partition
  18. After finish the Wizard new partition will be add in your computer
  19. virtual hard drive

Now you can use this Virtual hard drive to store your important files.


How to Remove Virtual Hard Disk?

1. Right Click on the Virtual Hard Disk and select Detach VHD
2. Now Virtual hard Disk will be Removed

You can also reattach the Virtual hard Disk by using Attach VHD menu in Right side Action panel.


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I did not knew this feature existed. Thanks for the info. Will try it out soon