Nowadays Quick Response code is very famous for all business. In earlier days print media is very popular for all promote business marketing such as Brochure, Business card and newspaper advertisement and many more. People after enter the mobile world everything is changed, anyone can get anything from their mobile phone. If you would like to promote your business briefly in print media you need to spend much more money for Print Ads cost. QR code helps to minimize your Print media advertisement cost by using small space.
QR Code generator

What is QR Code and how this works?

Quick Response code are encrypted your data in small graphics like barcode but barcode only hold small level of content, QR code are 2 dimensional and this can be hold more than 100 time of bar code data size. Anyone can explore QR code data by using their smartphone. In Google play store many Free QR reader apps available, you can use apps to scan any QR codes and get brief information about the business or anything based on QR code types. Typically you can make any type of QR code such as website URL, Text messages and many more type.


QR Generator

QRCode Monkey is the free QR code generator using this online tool you can generate rich feature QR codes. QRCode monkey will generate any type of QR code such as website URL, Text messages, Email address, Phone Number, SMS, vCard, Locations, Facebook, twitter and YouTube.

Anyone can easy to create their own QR code by using this online tool without any technical skills. You can also include your brand or business logo in your QR code. Also you can make any colors and resolution as you wish. After create the QR code you can download high resolution image as PNG, PDF, SVG and EPS vector graphic.


Mobile QR Code Reader

QR Code Reader is the best app to scan any Quick Response code. You can download and install from Google play store and scan QR code by using mobile camera with this app, this will be immediately open any type of data. For scan location maps or website type of QR code, you must have internet connection in your smart phone.


Online QR Code Reader

ZXing Decoder online tool open any type of QR Code from Web URL or uploaded from your computer. This online tool decode the QR code and provide complete information about the QR code such as Text, Raw bytes, QR code Format, Parsed Result type and Parsed Result.


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