WhatsApp is most preference chat messenger for most of the people; everyone knows this will work with internet connections. Do you know without internet connection you can use the WhatsApp with unlimited chat and send the files to others?
use whatsapp without internet

Use Messenger without internet connection

ChatSIM is the international supported SIM card this will be supported to send the text message and images, video files without internet connections from your smartphone. This SIM card supported the WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, imo, Hike and many more popular chat messengers. If you are frequent abroad traveller than you have a perfect fit to use this ChatSIM, this SIM send the unlimited text messages from WhatsApp just 10 euro per year. Sometimes text message conversation is not enough to convey the message, so you can make voice call from this SIM.


ChatSIM supported more than 150 countries and included with 250 network providers, so you can get uninterruptible services if you are in any part of the globe. You can also get real-time message from WhatsApp or any other messenger without any struggle. This data transfer speed is equivalent to 4G data pack so if you send the image or video file to your friends very faster.


You can choose your best plan for this usage, if you going to use only the text message then you can spent only 10 euro in whole year. Otherwise you have to buy more credits, even though you will note spent much more money. Moreover ChatSIM is provided the best performance and maximum efficiency with reasonable cost.


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Nice info. Never knew that such a thing exists.


Whoa! Hey Jey, when this SIM card will be available in Kerala? It will surely arrive first in Delhi, right?