Many people using their smart phone like a camera, because always capture images and upload directory mobile to social media website, like Facebook. Some images needs to be improve for color contrast or some other things. In this situation people download the images to computer and retouch the photos than upload to social media network.

android photo editor

Cymera photo editor apps
helps to improve your photos from your mobile.  Using this app you can improve your photos without download to computer. Powerful camera editing tool also included, this tool helps you to capture perfect shot from your mobile device. Moreover this apps will make your smart phone like digital photo shop such as Edit photos, Adjust color settings, add photo effects, decorate and Add borders.


Why Choose Cymera App?

More than 100 million satisfied users in worldwide for Cymera photo editor and camera apps. Cymera is unique apps to provide more features for your mobile devices, this will be support for Android and iOS. New Cymera season 2 apps have more cool features.


Photo Retouch:

This features helps to retouch your photos. New retouching tool face-pop makes fast and easy facial recognition in your photo head.


Add Filters

More than 100 filters available for this apps. You will be an artist using this filters and adjusted the intensity of the photos to make more natural looks.


Make Beautiful

You can make more beautiful your photos using smiley features. This will helps to Big Eyes, Smile, Slim face, Clear Sports, Liquefy for your photos.


Decorating Photos

Many Inbuilt layout and function makes your photo more decorates such as Collage layouts, sticker functions, Face Recognition, Brushes, background patterns and numerous fonts style. Moreover this will be work as a Photoshop.


Powerful Camera

This tool will be make everyone like a professional photographer. You can use 7 type of lens for take a better snap shot also Focus, Anti-Shake, Timer, Self-Portrait, Touch-shot features included.


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