Today all social media trends based on the user keywords, this keyword uses as Hashtag. The hashtag is nothing but keyword but it should be added without space and start with the hash (#). For example “Tehie Jey” is the core keyword for my YouTube Channel then I have to add #TechieJey.



How to effectively add the Hashtag to YouTube Videos?

If you would like to display your video to the YouTube search result then you need to add the main keyword to Title and Description. After description you need to add the hashtags, it will be helpful to your videos go to viral, But you have to make unique and quality content of the video.


You have to follow the most important tricks to improve your Video search results such as

  • Maximum 3 hashtags need to be added per video.
  • Don’t make length keywords, it should be a maximum of 3 words per hashtag
  • Use core content keyword of the video, don’t add the irrelevant keyword this will really make it your video as SPAM
  • Don’t add the hashtag on YouTube default tags area, where you need to add just the Keyword with space.


If you follow all these rules your video will be perfectly displayed in the YouTube Search results.


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