Photos are always remembering everyone beautiful memories, so many people always collect and share the photos to their friends through online gallery or any other social media. But sometimes review the gallery is boring, but If we use the audio with photos it will be more attention for viewer. So how can you embed the audio in your photos? Following application provide the service to embed audio in your image files.
embed Audio in to Photos

Shutter songs

Shuttersong app helps to user embed the audio in to photos, it will be turned every user as photo sharing addict. This app will make all of your photos comes alive with added the music or any sounds and share anywhere such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, email and any websites. You can make your party photos to add the right music to make rocking and this app available for Android and iOS mobiles.



Fotobabble is another one online tool for add the music into your photos, by using this you can easy to create talking photos with in a minute. You can just upload your photo and record your voice than easy to share your friends and family with social networks. Fotobabble is available for iPhone also this app is free of cost.


Just Add Audio

Just add audio Android and iPhone apps make your photos as magical moments, this app helps you to create the image slideshow and add the music for the image gallery. After added the audio you can share this memorial moments to others.


Photo Slideshow

Photo Slideshow is powerful android app to create the musical photos slideshow. You can add your favourite music to your best photos collections and share to your friends and families. This app user interface is very usability everyone easy to add the audio in any photos.


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