Todays Facebook and YouTube are essential for most of the people for personal or business purpose. Most of the people already started the video marketing through YouTube, sometime people would like to share the video on their huge number of Facebook page fans. How can they embed the YouTube video on the Facebook page?

Embed YouTube video on Facebook

  1. Open the YouTube and select the video which you would like to share on the Facebook page
  2. Under the Video click on the SHARE link
  3. Then click to EMBED, in the Embed Video popup select the iframe code
  4. If you would like to show the suggested video or show the player control then you have to select the EMBED options
  5. Then click to COPY and move to Facebook page
  6. In your Facebook page, paste the code in “Write something here“ area and wait for 2 to 5 seconds it will be displayed your YouTube video thumbnail
  7. After displayed the thumbnail you can click on the publish button to promote the video


Please be the note, if anyone clicks on the thumbnail it will be open in the separate full mode video page. It will not play inside of the Facebook pages like a Google plus page.


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