Many people always received the promotional calls every day, in this case, TRAI advised providing the user based DND service in all Network providers. Jio Also has these features, so that user can enable or disable the Do Not Disturb option from their mobile. This post explains how you can enable the DND in Jio Network.



Enable DND in Jio Network

Following steps guide you to enable the DND in Jio Network

  1.  Open the My Jio App
  2. Then click on the Drawer icon to open the Menu
  3. Go to Settings -> Service settings -> Do not disturb
  4. In this page, you can enable the particular Category and Full DND
  5. If you enable the Full DND all promotional calls will be blocked even Jio Network promotional calls also
  6. Once select the DND click on the Submit button to save the settings.
  7. You can also use the Voice assistance to move the DND page by click on the Mic icon in the Top bar
  8. Voice assistance will be open, you have to speak “open DND option”
  9. It will open the DND page automatically, then you can make the setup as your needs
  10. Within 48 hours your request will be activated and promotional calls will be banned to your Jio mobile number

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