Google Drive provided the free cloud space for everyone, most of the people using this free space for maintaining their important documents, Photos and much more. But still, some people do not effectively use the Google Drive. Here we have listed the important settings to manage the Google Drive efficiently.

Automatic Backup from Desktop Apps

Most of the people would like to back up their computer document to Google Drive automatically. So, you have to install the Google Drive desktop apps and make the synchronizing settings. After download and install the desktop apps, sign in with your Gmail account and Select the synchronize folder on your computer. After saving the settings if you move any document to Google drive folder, all documents will be moved to Google Drive account automatically. You can also save the all of your photos to Google Photos account by enabling the “Upload photos and videos to Google Photos” options.


Files offline

Sometimes people would like to work offline their Google Docs and Sheets what they created in online. So, they have to enable the offline options by going to settings on the Google drive website, Select the Offline options on the General Sections. Now your document will be available offline you can easy to modified form your computer.


Notification settings

Google Drive also notify the Email and browser notification, if it is added the document to your google drive account. By enabling this feature go to settings -> Notification section and enable the browser and Email options.
google-drive-Notification settings


Manage Apps

Sometime people would like to add the third-party apps in their Google Account, this will move the data from that apps. This will be easy to fill your Google Drive free space so if it is not necessary you have to remove that app from your Google drive account. Go to Settings -> Manage Apps, here all of you linked apps will be listed select the option which you would like to remove the app and click on the Disconnect from Drive. Now you the apps will not move the data to your google drive account.
google-drive-manage apps settings


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