The revolutionary wearable tech from Google is more likely to make a return very soon. The earlier generation was launched few years ago but only a very few people were actually able to get their hands on to this device. It wasn’t really available in the market for mass distribution except few months under the Explorer program, and later on it became almost a very rare type of prototype in most part of the world.
google glass 2
As Google’s X Labs are cooking up something under the codename of Project Aura, this gives the techie people a hope about an upcoming unveiling of the Google Glass.


Estimated Date of Unveiling

No specific date has been announced by Google yet. Rumors have it – Google could hold an event for the Google Glass by the year end of 2015. But as we are already approaching an end and nothing such has happened as of yet, maybe the event has been postponed for few more months. All these assumptions are still based on rumors that spread across the web, Google still remains silent on their undergoing project development. Google I/O 2016 schedule for Q1 of 2016 could be another event where Google might want to show off this extremely creative wearable.



On the design end, there are two streams of thought-flow floating on the internet.So apparently, there are going to be two types of Google Glass for the 2nd iteration. The first and foremost one is intended for Work. Enterprises who want to blend wearable tech with work could opt for this device. The Google Glass is not really going to be a full sized glass unlike the first generation; instead the device is actually going to be a mountable tiny sized monitor on people’s existing glasses. Not just glasses but anything wearable, even a hat could accommodate space by clipping in the Google Glass device.


This new spread because there has been a new patent filing with the US Patent authorities that log a new wearable tech which has something to do with mountable displays. Also, it could attach to clothing using magnets which could be pretty cool. However, this first flow of thoughts indicates the Google Glass is going to be an enterprise device and not really a fashion statement.


The other thought-stream signifies that the new Glass is going to be more fashionable. The appearance will be somewhat like mainstream optics people use for their everyday needs – whether it’s for focal adjustment or solely fashion purpose. But the rumors were more on favor for the Glass for Work project; and the masterminds of this project are optimistic about this wearable engaging more industries into incorporating wearable tech into their daily production and sales operations.


How does the internet mass population react to this design thought? Well, people want both. Not everyone is a tech savvy but fashion conscious, hence they’d love to have a wearable that gets the job done while still looking like a mainstream fashionable pair of optics.



Whatever be the case in terms of design, Google Glass 2 represents futuristic tech in present time. People were disappointed when Google Glass 2 didn’t make a presence in the I/O 2015 event, but now everyone’s looking forward to a more appealing event in 2016.


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