Television is essential for everyone life, nowadays most of the public places also installed the TV for an announcement as well as entertainment. Today’s most of the places using the LED TV for better picture view. Today’s most of the company’s manufacturing the LED TV, but before buying the LED TV you must know about that features. Mi TV 4 is one of the best smart LED TV, this TV has included many new features before buying any LED TV you must review the following important features.

Full HD

Todays most of the Full High Definition features this will be improved the picture clarity. Also, if you see any movies of the picture it will be on the entire screen. Some model TV comes with only HD Ready features, this is also improved the picture quality but not like that the Full HD.

4K Ultra Technology is another level of HD clarity, If you have Blue-ray DVD then you can really enjoy and feel the real quality of Blue-ray pictures. 4K Ultra technology removed all picture noise and make it the color balance so that you can feel the different level of picture quality.


Smart TV features

Smart TV’s works like a smartphone phone, if your TV’s Android operating system then you can install any apps from Google Play store. You can install the games and play with big size screen, also you can turn in to a TV to the computer.


Dolby Audio

TV sound quality is most important to make the home theatres, you have to make sure you LED TV has included the DTS sound or Dolby Audio features. This will be helpful to watch the movies very satisfactory.



All inputs and output ports must be review before buying the smart LED TV, it should be USB 3.0 input, HDMI input, Network socket, AV inputs and Antenna inputs. If it is available all of these ports then your TV will be work any kind of situations.


Hardware Performance

Smart LED TV hardware configuration is must support its performance, your smart TV at least 2GB RAM and 8 GB storage space. Also, the processor should be Quad-core, this will be helpful to watch the seamless entertainment systems.


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