There is a number of DLL files that exist on your system. These files help you keep your system run smooth and error free. If you are facing “DLL Not Found & Missing” error on your system due to various reasons then you can follow below mentioned steps to fix this issue.
Use System Restore to Undelete DLL Files: If you have noticed that your system has started showing DLL file not found an error after some changes in system configuration recently then you can use a System restore option on your PC to undo recent system changes. These changes may include registry or other system configuration tweaks that have resulted in this error. If you are familiar with Windows system management then you can undo changes by using system restore option easily. To do this, you need to visit Command Prompt on your system to make changes or undelete the deleted DLL files. Follow the below mentioned guide to do this.

  • Reboot your system and press & hold the F8 key to boot your system into Safe Mode with a Command Prompt.
  • Choose Safe Mode with a Command Prompt option with arrow keys;
  • Here, you will be asked to select the operating system, use arrow keys to select it and press Enter.
  • Now you need to log in as Administrator or need to log in with the account that has administrator privileges.
  • Once you are on Command Prompt window, type %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe in it and press Enter.
  • Next is to follow onscreen instructions to restore your system to the previous functional state.


Once you complete this process, reboot your system to keep all changes and restore DLL files. Here, all the programs that require DLL files will start function normally. Further, you can also use DLL repair tools in case you find some issues with DLL files on your system.


Use Other Methods

Restart your PC:

Sometimes a simple reboot can help you fix various problems effortlessly. Here, try to reboot your system if it helps you fix DLL file not found or missing error.

Restore deleted DLL file from System Recycle Bin:

If your system is showing “DLL Not Found” or “Missing DLL” error then it is possible that you have deleted DLL file accidentally. Due to which your system is showing error and working abnormally. Here, you need to restore this deleted DLL file from system Recycle Bin to make your system work normal again.


Use File Recovery Programs:

In case you have accidentally deleted DLL file on your system and later emptied your system recycle bin then you have last option to recover deleted DLL files using best file recovery software for Windows. This simple step will not only help you recover deleted DLL file but it will also make your system run normally again. In addition, to file recovery programs, you can also use DLL fixer software to fix other DLL files related issues for instant and effective results.


Scan your system for malware/virus threat:

It is possible that some hostile program has masquerade as DLL file and causing issues on your system. Thus, it is suggested to scan your system to find and remove all malicious content from your system to fix “DLL is Missing” and “DLL Not Found” errors.


Reinstall the Program that uses DLL files:

If you find a specific program is running abnormally or showing error then it is possible that there is an issue with that specific program only. Here, you can reinstall that program properly to fix the error instantly. Following this simple step, you can fix the program specific DLL error effortlessly.


Upgrade Drivers:

Next in the solution list is to upgrade drivers for any hardware that you find is directly related to DLL error on your system. For example, if you find “Missing DLL” error while using the printer on your system then it is possible that there is an issue with that particular hardware device. Here, try to update drivers for that specific device to fix the error.
upgrade windows drivers

Run the sfc/scannow command:

Follow this quick step to replace any incorrect or missing OS related DLL file/s. System File Checker or sfc command will replace any missing or damaged DLL file effortlessly.

Windows Update:

Software updates bring you various useful fixes and patches in addition to additional features. Here, it is possible that software patches can help you update or replace DLL files that are causing the issue.

Repair Installation of Windows:

If you can’t solve the problem by fixing individual DLL errors then you can try the repair installation of OS. It will help you restore all DLL files on your system to their original functioning version.


Clean Installation of Windows:

If you are still facing the DLL error on your system despite trying repair installation of Windows then next on the list is to perform a clean installation of Windows. It will clean everything from your system hard disk and install a fresh copy of Windows. You should try this step as the last option as it will erase all your existing data. Don’t forget to take data backup before heading for this step.


Fix Hardware Issues:

Even after installing clean Windows version, if you are still facing the DLL error then it is possible due to the problem with hardware. Here, you need to find and fix hardware problems to deal with this issue.



DLL Missing error may not put your system on halt but it causes a lot of trouble. Here, we have discussed few simple steps, you can follow to deal with this problem in instant and effective way. If you know more such solutions feel free to comment below.


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