Blogs information is more effective based on content related images. Many free images website available for blogs but most of the time blogger struggle to get the images for their post related contents. In this cause some blogger make creative images by using canva online tool, but this is not a free for everyone. So how can we get high-quality images for blogs or websites? Getty images provide free embed images for blogs or website.
free high quality images
Getty images is one of the famous stock photo gallery websites they always provide the high-quality digital images for their customers, over millions of high-quality images available in their database. But all these images is costly for low budget users. So many low budget website owner can’t buy this images even they really like the images. Now Getty images offered to add the free images for blogs and websites by using embed method.


How to add Getty images in blogs?

You can add the most of the high-quality images to your blog using the embed code. Go and search the Getty images and choose your desired image and mouse over that image, larger thumbnail image with the description of the image. In a bottom of the thumbnail, you can find the embed icon and click that, it will open the new popup window with an embed code.
get embed images
Getty images provide the 3 different size of embed images, in this page, you can choose a size of the images as you desired, once select the size and copy the embed code and paste into your blogs or websites pages where you would like to display the image.
Get images embed
Please note: You should not change anything in embed code and you must choose to embed icon displayed images only, you should not add without embed icon images by using any other method. Also, Getty images will not allow using this embed images in commercial purpose, more details you can find their terms of usage page.


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Don’t Getty images come with watermarks?


    Hello Anks,

    This embed images will not show the watermark but when you click the images it will be move to Getty images website… 🙂