Microsoft outlook is famous email client, most of the companies using this email client. But personal usage is very less level, because of Outlook license cost. Many people always wondering free apps for their personal use. Nowadays many free email client available with excellent features. Following most important email clients for personal user with free of cost also best alternative of Microsoft Outlook.
best outlook alternative


Thunderbird is very famous email client, already many people using this free email client. This product is part of Mozilla. Using thunderbird can easily setup your personal or private mail account. Most of the features same like Microsoft outlook. Thunderbird is very high secure and protect your email account also you can add multiple email accounts. This user interface designed for everyone can easy to understand.


  1. Customize email with add-on Manager
  2. Send Large file by using drop box  or YouSendit
  3. Quick Filter Toolbar
  4. Search the web from email client
  5. Organize older message by using Message Archive
  6. Automatic update new version of thunderbird
  7. Track all records by using Activity Manager
  8. Combine multiple email accounts email in one smart folder


Mail bird

Mailbird is award winner application for Productivity, Best free Stuff, Best windows email client. This mail client have really very nice User interface and many cool features. Many personal computer users using this supersonic speed email client. Mailbird also one of the best alternative email client for MS Outlook.


  1. Resizing picture
  2. IMAP support
  3. Connect Social network such as Facebook, Google+
  4. Open new Compose Window
  5. Attachment search feature
  6. Add-on from App Store


Windows Live Essentials

Microsoft provides free mail client by Windows live essentials. In this package is not only for email client. You can also manage here Move Maker, Photo Gallery and writer. These application can helps to manage emails, organize and edit videos and photos and create blog posts.


  1. Create blog post by using writer
  2. SkyDrive Synchronize
  3. Connect windows live messenger
  4. Edit Photos and Videos



Zimbra provides rich and consistent desktop email clients. Zimbra email application designed based on high user experience. You can use email, calendar, contacts, and social network. Also you can connect with any public email such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo mail.


  1. Works with online and offline
  2. Works on windows, Mac or Linux computers
  3. Unlimited number of email storage
  4. Support HTML and plain text
  5. Drag and drop messages to new folder
  6. Support POP or IMAP email
  7. Advanced search option
  8. View location by using Yahoo maps
  9. Synchronize picture to Filckr


Opera Mail

Opera Mail is lightweight email client also make easy to customize. This is more efficient mail you can easy to read the email by using opened multiple tab. You can read your favorite website news feed from this mail client. Opera email client also support for Android, iPhone, iPad and other Phones and Tablets.


  1. Labels allow to sort your email messages
  2. Quickly view messages with smart User interface
  3. Time efficient email client


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