GBA, well-known as Game Boy Advance is a popular emulator with a 32-bit video game console is marketed by Nintendo. Lots of most advanced and most downloaded application by billions of people to play Nintendo games successfully. The user can simply download GBA for iOS without jail-breaking the device. The most nostalgic thing about this emulator is that the user can play the games freely with cheats as well to get the high score. With the help of this GBA4iOS emulator, the user can play amazing and cool games such as Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Tekken etc.
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GBA emulator with its popularity has gained billions of users. These days especially the Pokemon Go is being played with the installation of this emulator which intends the user to play the game with more efficiency. Also, the process of installation and downloading GBA for iOS is very easy. Now, let us see the most amazing games which most of the people are playing.


Popular Nintendo Games which requires GBA:

The Legend of Zelda

This is the most adventurous game created by Japanese but primarily developed by one and only Nintendo. Predominantly, it is a fantastic game with a mixture of interesting features. It is a mixture of puzzles; battle etc with lots of adventure in it. Well it requires GBA to install and play the game efficiently.


Mario and Lugi

Basically this is games which consist of a series of Mario (role playing series). One of its forms is superstar saga which consists of the complete bean-bean kingdom. So, basically it is the series of enjoyable offshoots.


Pokemon Go

With the craziness of the Pokemon Go players, this game becomes most popular among the iPhone users. Also, with the installation of GBA emulator, thee users are enjoying this game. These games are of great fun and most widely played among iPhone or iOS users.


Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem is a game which is developed by Nintendo. This is a game which the iOS users can easily play with the help of installation of GBA emulator. Basically it is a complete series of battles which is quite adventurous and tactical. This game is also known as RPG simulation and developed by intelligent systems.


Advance Wars

Advance Wars is amazing game series which is again developed by intelligent systems and released in Japan. It is the most spectacular game published by Nintendo. In this game the user ordered units around the board and can play this game endlessly with efficiency and reliability.



Well, what are you waiting for to play the Nintendo games? Immediately download GBA for iOS and play unlimited Nintendo games at one go.


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