Many people using the PayPal account for cross country money transactions, most of freelancer also receiving the money from PayPal for their freelancing work. Sometimes people needs to file the TAX, so they need invoice for their paying money. How can you generate the invoice for your partner?

Create Invoice in PayPal

Following steps guide you to generate the invoice in your PayPal account:

  1. Login to your PayPal Account
  2. Click on the Send and Request link on the top menu bar
  3. Then click on the Create Invoice button
  4. create-paypal-invoice-01

  5. It will redirect to Manage invoices page
  6. Click on the create Invoice button on the Top right side
  7. create-paypal-invoice-02

  8. In the create invoice page you have to choose the template as invoice for Amount, Hours or Quantity
  9. You can add the logo for your company and invoice information for Number, Date, Reference Number and Invoice Due date
  10. Enter the senders email id in Bill to section
  11. Enter the items details and Amount, you can also make the discount by enter the discount percentage or price
  12. Finally enter the terms and conditions and Note to recipient
  13. create-paypal-invoice-03

  14. Click on the Preview button to view the Preview mode, if everything is correct then click on send to send the PayPal invoice to your partner

You can also manage this invoice in your account for future reference, you can view the paid status or Print the invoices.

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