Browser bookmark is useful for a faster way to open important website pages. Sometimes people search for solutions through the internet and open the website then read and close the website pages. If they wish to open the same pages after sometimes, but they can’t remember the website URL. In this case, they can save the URL by using Bookmark options. This post explains the tips for the Google Chrome browser bookmark tips.


How to Bookmark the website Pages?

If you would like to bookmark the important pages in the Chrome browser you can click on the Star icon, it will open the Bookmark window. Here you can enter the website Name and choose the folder when you would like to group then click on Done button to bookmark the pages.


If you would like to open the saved pages, you can to “Customize and control Google Chrome” button on the top right sidebar. Then go to Bookmarks, here you can see all of you saved URL displayed you can just click to open the pages.


How to Delete Browser Bookmarks?

If you would like to delete the bookmark, open the Bookmark manager by click on the Ctrl + Shift + O. All of your bookmark displayed here you can delete what you would like to remove. You can also delete multiple bookmarks by Shift-select to multiple bookmark and right click to Delete.


How to Import bookmarks from another browser?

If you would like to move the other browser bookmarks to Google Chrome then you can go to the “Customize and control Google Chrome” button on the top right sidebar. Then select Bookmarks and click on the Import bookmarks and settings, it will open the Import bookmarks window. You have to choose the browser what you would like to import from and select Favorites/Bookmarks options and click to import button to import the bookmarks.



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