The impact of technology on the fashion e-commerce industry is hard to ignore. Interestingly, technology has been disrupting the fashion industry for more than a decade. Beginning in the mid-1800s, the fashion brands were sought through the help of retail catalogs. It allowed the marketers to reach out to their target audiences in an effective manner. Fast-forward a century and the most efficient ways to reach a target audience included commercials and magazines. However, in the last two decades, the customers have been introduced to a revolutionary technology in the form of internet.
Accessibility to your favorite brand or fashion has become wider more than ever with the help of mobile technology. It is also important to note that for suppliers; inventory management and sales can be achieved from almost anywhere. Moreover, the decision makers of a particular fashion brand or e-commerce company can see what is working in the real time. Hence, it is evident that technology has completely transformed the fashion industry.


The rise of social savvy retailers and brands

A massive bonus for the fashion and e-commerce industry is its promotion in major social media platforms. Social media is one of those platforms where a fashion or e-commerce brand can advertise without worrying about costs. Hence, from Facebook promotion shares to Pinterest pins, the more a brand is exposed, the more consumers it potentially gains. For instance, ASOS, a British online apparel retailer, has achieved immense success on the social media platforms with personal posts on a daily basis on a majority of social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Interestingly, over the past few years, it also has developed applications for both the Google and Apple platforms. This makes the shopping experience fun and easy on ASOS. It also has a large number of celebrities following in the form of Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, and Olivia Palmero.


On the other hand, Coach, an American luxury brand which sells wallets, purses, watches and much more has a considerable number of followers on Twitter. It has a whopping 5.5 million likes on Facebook and more than 400,000 followers on Instagram. With the help of these mediums, Coach post various updates on sales, new products, and trends.


Manage your payments, costs, and inventory with technology

In recent years, a lot of online store building sites have come into existence. Sites like and are providing a plethora of opportunities for the fashion and e-commerce industry. With the help of these store building sites, the designers from various parts of the world can sell their goods. On the other hand, there has been a vast improvement in the way payment used to be facilitated. Nowadays, payment can be made through various platforms like PayPal and Vogogo. Let’s say that you are 50,000 feet in the air and want to check how many items you are currently selling in your target area. You can quickly achieve this by using applications like Cashier Live, Shopkeep or On Shelf. It is interesting to note that whether you are in the office or air, inventory management software has become sophisticated. It allows you to have a glance at the products sold by you that are creating the desirable impacts.


The emergence of smartphone-enabled shopping

It is interesting to note that the mobile technology is not only empowering the customers, but also the brands. Fashion and e-commerce brands are increasingly taking notice of various mobile applications to ensure that they can give a great shopping experience to their customers. There are hundreds of fashion applications that are used by a lot of fashion brands. For instance, let’s take the case of Whispis. This application is focused solely on fashion and is currently available on iPad and web. On the other hand, Cloth is an application which helps the supplier to keep track of their outfits and can be organized by events or whatever you choose.
Interestingly, with the help of Pinterest, the retailers are promoting their brands and reaching a more significant number of audiences.


Shopping is driven by inspiration

It is worth noting the fact that your consumers need to be inspired by the legacy of your brand so that they can remain loyal to you. For instance, Slyce is a state-of-the-art image recognition technology that is increasingly being by various brands to provide shoppers with the ability to find things which inspires them. It is interesting to note that Slyce allows the users to hover over images online and receive the exact product matches with direct links which redirect the customer to a brand’s page. Imagine for a second that you are walking down the lane and see a group of people wearing blazers. The fit of the blazers is so good that you have fallen in love with the quality. Instead of going up to them and asking where they have brought these, you can take a picture of them and upload it to Slyce. Slyce in a matter of few seconds would give you direct links from where you can shop for these blazers. This shows that technology is indeed sprucing up the fashion world and is making it easier for the customers to communicate with their brands.

Nowadays, technology is as important as the excellent design of the outfits. With a little investment in technology, you as a fashion retailer can also curve a niche of your customers.


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