Many YouTubers uploading the different types of videos, if they set the video category it will be helpful for YouTube search results. in this case, they must display the video for proper search results by using the category type. This post explains you can set the video category on YouTube Channel.

Setup YouTube video category

  1. Login to your YouTube account
  2. Click on the Profile photo and click on the Creator Studio link
  3. setup-youtube-category-01

  4. Then click on the Video manager left sidebar
  5. setup-youtube-category-02

  6. All of your video displayed here, select the video you would like to set the Video category and click on edit
  7. setup-youtube-category-03

  8. Click on the Advanced settings Tab, here you can set the Video category and save the settings
  9. setup-youtube-category-04


Now your video will be set the proper video category and will be listed in the proper YouTube search category.


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