Nowadays all the business promotes their brand through Facebook, they can create each brand as the separate Facebook page. Sometimes people need to change their Page name, how they can change the page name?

Change Facebook Page Name

Following steps guide you to change the Facebook page name

  1. Log into your Facebook account
  2. Go to Manage Pages by click on the Top right corner down arrow
  3. change-username-in-facebook-01

  4. Here all of your pages are listed
  5. Select the page which you need to modify the name
  6. In left side bar click on the About menu
  7. Under General section, click on Edit link in the username
  8. change-username-in-facebook-02

  9. Create Page Username Popup will be open, here you can modify the page name as you wish
  10. If the username will be available then you can click on the crate username button to modify the new username

Please be note, you need to wait 7 days to approve this username modification. Facebook team manually review this and approved. After approval, your page name will be changed as per your request.


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