Sometimes people boring to view the famous website themes, because of they are viewed same theme in very long time. They would like to change the website themes, unfortunately YouTube and Facebook don’t provide wide range of themes. Still you can change your desired themes from your browser by using UserStyles themes website. By using this tool you can change Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Google, Tumblr, Wikipedia themes and many more websites.
youtube theme
UserStyles website restyles the famous website themes, it has more than 60 thousand styles for various websites and you can also browse by category for appropriate website themes. This website just install the browser add-ons to modify the famous website themes as you wish also this website supports browser theme for Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.


Install custom themes

Following steps guide you to install the custom theme for your favorite websites:

  1. Logon usertlyes website by using Google chrome or Firefox browser
  2. Choose the theme by Browse the category
  3. Select anyone of website category and themes
  4. Install the stylish extension for your browser
  5. Restart the browser and install the theme

install youtube themes
Now installed the custom theme in your browser and open the website and you can view custom theme applied in that website. You can also manage the installed themes by click on userstyles icon from toolbar, here you can enable or disable the themes.


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