File Storage space is very important for every smartphone, if free space is very less than mobile performance will be affect. Nowadays most of the windows phone comes with 8 GB internal space, but some model Windows phone still have 4GB space, if you are frequent apps user than space will be occupied very fast. Most of the people using their smart phone for all purpose so that they must need free of space in their mobile.
clean up space in windows phone
If you would like to increase your Windows Phone space must clean up unwanted files from your mobile by manually. How we can increase the windows phone storage area without manual process?


Clean up Windows Phone App

Typically every smartphone some space occupied in its cache files, we must cleanup regularly this space otherwise it will slow down your windows phone. This cleanup process is tedious work for smart phone users, but Storage Cleaner will make this process very easy. Storage Cleaner Windows phone app is cleanup unwanted space and notify the users when space going to full.


How to clean up space?

  1. Download and install the storage cleaner windows app in your smartphone
  2. Open the app go to settings -> Phone storage -> Phone
  3. You can check your phone available space under before cleaning section
  4. Press the begin button for cleanup space
  5. After completed the process check the temporary files are it will be increased
  6. You can just click on the delete button to clean up the space
  7. After deleted the temporary files your phone space will be increased

windows phone storage cleanup
You can check your available free space when you next time open this App in settings -> Phone storage -> after cleaning sections. Storage cleaner app is very useful for cleanup the space automatically with in minute in your windows smartphone.


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