Android mobile users face the biggest problem in volume control, if you need to increase or volume you have to use right or left side hardware button. Some people feel this is very difficulties to handle while listening music, so they are would like to control volume from their mobile touch screen. Android Slider widget solves this problem and make volume control is more powerful.
slider android volume control

Android Volume control Slider Widget

Slider widget is award winning and powerful android widget, this is control your mobile sound volume of ringtone, media, notification, system, voice call and alarm from your home screen. Its beautiful user interface more usability for android mobile users can easily control the sound volume and display brightness. Slider widget has 3 input options change value with slider, use buttons with double click to toggle, change the values with hardware by up and down buttons.


This widget has 4 different sizes as per your mobile screen display size you can set any one of size such as 1×1, 2×1, 3×1 and 4×1. Also you can set this categories display order and indicator displayed if notification and right volume are connected. This slider position can be changeable; you can change any one of horizontal or vertical position.


Slider widget has very nice theme you can also change its available theme of green, ICS blue, yellow, Red, orange, white, black and transparent background. Also this widget has many more language support so global android user can view its setting with their own language. Moreover slider widget is very useful for smart way to control sound volume.


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