Outlook has wonderful features can embed the HTML template, but this feature is by default disabled in Outlook 2016. This post explains how to enable and embed the HTML template on outlook email client 2016.
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Embed HTML template Outlook 2016

  1. Open your outlook email client
  2. Go to File -> Options, in the outlook options popup window select the category as Quick Access Toolbar
  3. Select the All comments as Choose commands from drop-down
  4. embed-html-template-on-ouloot-2016-01

  5. Then select the attach file and click to Add
  6. Click OK to save the settings
  7. Now HTML template attachment option will be enabled outlook email client
  8. Click on the New Email, it will open separate Email window
  9. You can find the Attach File icon in the top bar, click on that
  10. embed-html-template-on-ouloot-2016-02

  11. Insert File window will be open, select the HTML template as you wish to embed
  12. Click on the Insert as Text option to embed the Email template
  13. embed-html-template-on-ouloot-2016-03

Now you can send the HTML format email from your outlook 2016. Please be noted you have to prepare the HTML email template for Outlook email client standards, then only it will be embedding the structure properly.


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