Windows computers have always been a heavy-duty machine that could be used to perform numerous tasks seamlessly. Contrary to that, your system starts showing signs of diminishing performance over time due to various reasons. These reasons may include cluttered disk space, outdated software, hardware issues, malware problem, or other technical issues. Here, we have discussed a solution for one of these issues that causes cluttered disk space.


When we talk about cluttered disk space, various factors could be the reason for that including temporary & junk files, obsolete large files, unnecessary applications, duplicate files, and more. While you can use built-in utilities to deal with other problems, there is no such built-in tool available to deal with duplicate files. Thus, you need to do a manual cleaning of duplicate files that consume a lot of time and efforts. To fix that problem, we suggest you should use best duplicate file cleaner tools for instant and effective results. Let’s discuss some of these tools here.


Duplicate Files Fixer:

Working on advanced algorithms, Duplicate Files Fixer identifies all duplicate file formats accurately on your system. For secured cleaning, it takes backup of your files before making any changes. It offers folder exclusion feature, where you can exclude any file or folder from scanning process to avoid deletion of important files. It supports both internal & external device storage cleaning. It supports effective cleaning no matter how big your file collection is. You can use its scanning criteria option to set the matching level to find similar and exact match duplicates. This multi-platform tool supports cleaning on Windows, Mac and Android devices.


Advanced Duplicates Finder:

Use this handy tool to de-duplicate all types of identical files on your Windows system. You can use this tool to speed up indexing, reduce backup and file search time significantly. To start cleaning duplicate files, it asks you to set the search criteria to find complete duplicates and similar files. You can even use its filters to search files based on name, file size, file date, and other filters. You can use this clone remover to clean identical files on your hard drive, archives and complete network. Here, you can save the scan results or simply delete all identical files in a jiffy. You can also customize the settings for automatic cleaning where you can select a specified folder or desired file extension. It also allows you to move duplicate files to the isolated folder from where you can restore the files when needed.



Use DupScout to batch delete all duplicate files on your Windows system. In addition to the desktop version, it is also available for enterprise version called DupScout Enterprise and DupScout Server. You can use its command line utility to de-duplicate storage on the network. You can also use this tool to de-duplicate NAS storage devices. It allows users to save duplicate scan results in HTML, CSV, XML, PDF, Excel and in other report formats. Once it completes scanning your device storage, it displays detailed scan results with complete information to make cleaning effortless. It displays scan results in groups and allows users to preview files before deletion. You can use its various filters to get instant and accurate results. These filters include the same file type, file extension, file size, last assess time, user name, file creation time, and last modification time. It displays scan results in simple statistics and pie chart.


Auslogics Duplicate File Finder:

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder offers easiest & safest way to sort through various duplicate files on your Windows system. It supports the cleaning of all types of clone files including identical photos, music & audio files, videos, and other personal files. You can use this powerful free tool to recover GBs of disk space in a jiffy. It works on industry acknowledged Auslogics technology to perform a deep cleaning on your system with utmost security. It gives you full control over your files where you can decide which files to keep or delete. Working on smart algorithms, it compares files based on the same name and same content to deliver accurate results.


Clone Spy:

Clone Spy performs a deep cleaning of your system where it finds & deleted all identical files based on multiple attributes. It includes scanning based on same file name same title, same file extension, similar size, zero-byte files, and same content. You can use this tool to delete all types of duplicate files accurately. It even allows you to move these redundant files to a specific folder from where you can restore the files whenever you want. You can also export a list of all equal files without removing any file. Furthermore, it allows you to replace redundant files with shortcuts or hard links (NTFS) to retained files.


Try these best duplicate file cleaner tools to get rid of all identical files on your Windows system. You can even suggest us more tools if you have your personal favorite.


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