Windows operating system always provides many cool feature. Power saving option is on of most important features in windows. Some people makes their windows PC or laptop frequently ideal. In this situation they must use shutdown or set to sleep for power saving. If they used shutdown they must close all their running application or if they used sleep mode they don’t need to close their running application, but computer will get small amount of power.


How we can save power without close all running applications

Hibernate will solve this problems. When you use the hibernate options, it will take zero amount of power and without close all your running application.


windows power saving settings


What is Hibernate?

Hibernate is most important feature of power saving options. When ideal in your computer and use the hibernate options, it will save all your running application in hard disk also it will disconnect to power in your computer. When you resume your computer it will open all your running application also.


Sleep Mode Vs Hibernate

Sleep mode is used for save the power options without close all your running application. Sleep mode is getting less amount of power. If you disconnected power to your computer, it will shut down without save any data. After that you can resume your running application. Basically sleep mode is temporarily lock the computer.

Hibernate saves all running application without get power, even your computer unplugged from the power. After resume the computer it will open all your running data.


How to setup Hibernate?

Go to control panel and click the power options link, Power option window will be appear. Now click the link of Choose what the power button. Power options system settings window will be appear, click the link change the settings that are currently unavailable, than select the Hibernate and click save changes. Now Hibernate options will be enabled in your computer.


Hibernate settings

power saving settings


Please Note: This screens shot explained Windows 8 operating system. May be all other windows version power options interface slightly changed.

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