Nowadays everyone using Facebook account for personal or business use, more than 10 million user account already created in Facebook account. In same time some people lost their account from hackers because they are not aware about account security. Facebook security is most important for everyone, following steps increase your account security and prevent from hackers.
secure Facebook book account

Make strong password

Make strong password for your account and do not select Keep me login check box in public machine, because hackers will decrypt your saved account password from browser cookies. Make more secure your URL by Go to Setting > Security than enable secure browsing checkbox, this will make your Facebook URL more secure.


Get ride unfamiliar Apps

Today’s many people shares fun and games apps, most of these apps less security features, so you don’t install any unfamiliar apps. Some Facebook third-party apps authenticate your username and password while installing, this will get your profile access permission and your account will be less security.


Stop sharing content to public

Share is most important feature in Facebook many people share their images or products to friends, but don’t share your content to public. Also don’t add the unknown person to your account many people already got the horrible experience when added unknown persons.


Track Login details

Always track your account by enable the login notification, you can do this steps by go to Settings > security than under Login notification area select Email, Text messages/Push notification. This feature send to your email complete information about login details such as browser, country, login time, OS version and you can also receive the text message from your mobile.


Block spammer Account

Enable your Facebook account to trusted contacts settings this will be always filter spammers while spammer send the friends request to account, this feature will be warn the person. If spammer without note that warning and send friends request than you can inform to Facebook admin to block spammer account. Facebook admin temporarily block spammer account and one or two times warn the spammer, if continually get complaint they will block the account permanently.


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