Many people would like to set best wallpaper in their mobile devices especially animated image or video wallpaper, this will be make more beautiful their mobile devices. Many Android apps available for display the video as wallpaper, but many apps is not supported to set own videos and they are allowed to set wallpaper from their video gallery only. Some people would like to display their own video, so how they can set own video as their mobile Wallpaper? This post guides you to make your own video wallpaper in your Android mobile or tablet.
set video wallpaper in android mobile devices

Video Live Wallpaper

Video Live wallpaper is the best Android app to set the live video wallpaper in android mobile devices, using this app you can set your own HD quality videos in your mobile devices. You can also choose more than 100 predefined beautiful videos from this video gallery such as nature, animals, cars and many more. If you would like to set your own videos then resolution should be meet these requirements than only your videos will be play smoothly, so please visit video live wallpaper website to know about the video quality to make better performance.

This app will be supported to set more than one videos, so that you can make multiple videos display randomly as per your choice.


Set video wallpaper in Android mobile devices

Following steps guide you to set live video wallpaper in your android phone:

  1. Install the Video live wallpaper app in your mobile devices
  2. Open the App and click live wallpaper
  3. Select video live wallpaper from list
  4. Click Settings menu then select your desired videos from your file manager
  5. Click Set Wallpaper to make the video wallpaper in your android mobile devices

Now you can enjoy your own video live wallpaper in your mobile devices.

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