GPS tracking systems were initially developed to aid in its global intelligence efforts at the height of the cold war and for the shipping industry. That was because shipping industry required knowing the exact location of its vehicles at any given time. However, in today’s fast-paced world it is more important to keep track of the vehicles so as to save time and money. The need to keep tabs on fleet vehicles has become a necessity and also to improve customer service. But, before moving further let us get to know what exactly is GPS.

What is GPS?

GPS or Global Positioning System is a network of satellites orbiting around the Earth and send the exact location and other details of the vehicle to the user and that too in any weather condition. The signals are obtained by GPS receivers and used to calculate the exact position and speed of the vehicle. Ever, since the early 1980s, GPS fleet tracking in the USA has been available to anyone with a GPS receiver. Airlines, Shipping and Trucking Industry use the GPS systems to track their vehicles, follow the best route to get them from point A to point B in the shortest possible time.


How GPS fleet management system work?

Companies specializing in providing sophisticated GPS fleet tracking devices make use of a variety of processes and methods to gather and transmit information to authorized users. Majority of GPS fleet management systems function using the GPS technology, however, it is not always the case since some GPS manufacturers have developed devices that can store data within itself. Also, not all of the devices and systems offer the same level of security while managing the fleet.


What is GPS fleet tracking software?

It is your personal manager, instead of employing a fleet manager who sits in a passenger seat and monitors the vehicle and their drivers, the GPS fleet management system software helps you to keep an eye on each and every vehicle in the fleet. With these systems, shipping industries, construction industry, and other service providers can make sure that their vehicles are operating under optimal conditions and that drivers are being responsible at their jobs and with this managing fleet becomes very easy.

What features do GPS fleet tracking systems offer?

Ensure safety and accountability

The system monitors and tracks drivers behavior to ensure that vehicles are safe and this also increases accountability. It logs all the activities such as the speed at which the vehicle is driven to drivers driving patterns. Additionally, it also keeps tabs on any aggressive maneuvers like taking fast turns and hard braking. It also helps log idle times and creates alerts.


Improve workflow

Most systems include dispatching tools and support scheduling capabilities to help improve the workflow. This system enables business owners to quickly respond to customers by sending the right vehicle to the right job at the given time. It also offers better routing and dispatching the products which considerably reduce mileage, fuel usage and increasing number of jobs completed. This aids in boosting up customer satisfaction levels.


Control expenses

Keeping control of the expenses had always been a challenge for the fleet owners as costs increase unnecessarily when the vehicle is poorly maintained, bad driver behavior, and fuel consumption not optimized. The fleet tracking system is a boon for fleet owners as it provides them with the relevant data so that they can make adjustments to increase the profitability of their business.


So, these are just a few of the features fleet GPS tracking systems offer to your business. As the technology is advancing, the utilization of GPS tracking devices is expanding too and cheap tracking devices can be bought easily, however, you need to ensure that you buy from a certified retailer just like Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.


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