Today’s many college students using smartphone for their personal purpose, how they can use their mobile more usability for education life? Following important Android app will helps to student for more productive.
android student app

1. Google Classroom

Google specially designed for Classroom apps for education, this app can use schools and colleges. Teachers can download and install the app an easy setup also they add student directly or send the code to join the students. This app will be helpful collaborate the teachers and students for their education life. Teachers can create the student assignment and communicate through this mobile app, also students can submit their assignment through Google drive folders.


2. Evernote

Evernote is one the best memory management app, students can make hint of their class room lecturer using this app by note or voice. Also student can write app anything using this app and share to their friends. Students communicate to others with its work chat features moreover evernote makes more productive student.


3. Math Tricks

Math Tricks app designed for students can learn interesting mathematical tricks an easy way. By using this school and college students learn advanced math tricks such as Tough multiplication, Power of two, Square numbers between 11 and 99, Square numbers ending in 5 and Subtracting from 1000.


4. Student Agenda

Student Agenda helpful for student planned their work plan themselves. This light weight app helps to student can maintain their important agenda of Timetable, events, calendar, daily or weekly timetable with notification features. Also student can take a photo to increase the description of events.


5. myHomework

myHomework android app helpful for student can manage the home work activities from their mobile. This app will consistency and reliability for every student tasks, also this amazing user interface helps to student easy to access.


6. Grays Anatomy

Grays Anatomy app is helpful for medical student can easy to understand the human bodies details with high quality illustration. Student can easy to make note with its any illustration for clarify to their teachers, also share images to their friends by email.


7. GK Quiz

GK Quiz app helpful for students can improve the general knowledge any easy way. This app designed form of games, so student more interested to learn this GK. This is focused to worldwide GK information and more than 34 topics with 3000 questions included.


8. MS Office

Microsoft office app helps for student access their important documents from their mobile such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Also this app synchronizes with OneDrive cloud account so you can ass the document anywhere any devices.


9. Slideshare

Slideshare is collection of information database, much useful information available with professional presentations, infographics, and videos. This is app helpful for student can improve their knowledge with presentations or videos.


10. Personality Development Tips

Student not only improves their education skill they need to improve the personality development also. Personality development tips app provides many useful tips to increase their personality skills and improve the positive aptitude.


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