Google Drive helps to improve everyone productivity, it has many important features such as document, spread sheet, Slides. So you can open all Microsoft office document in google drive also you can add more features by using Google Drive Apps. These apps helps to improve your productivity. Here we have listed important Google drive apps, you can add this apps in your google drive account and improve your productivity.
Google Drive Apps helps-to improve your productivity

How to Add Google Drive Apps:

Login to your Google Drive account, Click on New button than go to More -> Connect more apps link, all apps will be displayed, here you can search apps by name. After selected the apps click on connect button to add the apps.


1. Google Drawing

Google drawing apps helps you to make line drawing without using any application, by using this online tool you can create flow chart, layout diagrams, charts and easy to embed your website. All of your drawing automatically saved in your Google Drive account.


2. Mindmap

Mindmap is easy to operate hierarchical editor, by using this you can create workflow map for any activities. This will be easy to explain any message to everyone, already mindmap software using many professionals. By using google drive you can easy to share anyone.


3. YouiDraw

YouiDraw is the online vector graphic tool, by using this tool you can create vector drawing, logo and painting drawings. If you use this tool in google drive you can easy to share your drawing everyone.


4. PicMonkey

Picmonkey is the online photo editor tool, this tool is helpful for everyone easy to edit their photos from online and easy to share by using google drive. This tools has many feature such as beautiful filters, facial touch up and create outstanding graphics.


5. Balsamiq Mockup

Balsamiq Mockup is the rapid wireframing tool, most of the software professional using tool for create their project UI mockups. By using this tool you can create all controls of the applications, so this will be helpful for understand the customer how the screen look like in real-time.


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