PDF is the evergreen files for everyone, nowadays all area using the PDF files for the documentation process. because this will be easy to access as well to make security. These are the reason most of the people using this file format, also many free online tool help to make PDF file more user-friendly.

1. Compress PDF file size

SmallPDF is the best online tool to compress the PDF files size, this will reduce the PDF up to 80% from the original.


2. Password remover

Some PDF file protected with the password, you can unlock the password using sodapdf online tool. This will remove the password protected files, but while uploading the document you must enter your password. if you don’t know your password then you will unlock the PDF files.


3. Edit PDF file

if you would like to edit some part in your PDF file then you can use the PDFescape online tool. This tool helps to edit the PDF files and make it your editing process easier.


4. Rorate PDF file

sometimes people save the pdf files in wrong directions so that they would like to rotate the pages. in this case, Rorate PDF tool will help to rotate the PDF pages in right directions.


5. Split and Merge PDF

if you would like to multiple pdf files to one pdf or one pdf file to split the multiple pdf, you can use the SplitorMergePDF online tool. this tool perfectly helps to merge or split the PDF files as your needs.


6. Convert PDF format

FreePDFConvert online tool helps to conver the PDF file into Word, Excel, PowerPoint and images format.


7. Add Watermark to PDF

sometimes people would like to add the watermark to all the PDF pages, then they can use the iLovePDF online tool. this tool will make the watermark process easier.


8. Add Pager Number to PDF

PDF.io online tool helps to add the page numbers in all of the PDF pages if the PDF file missing the page numbers.


9. Rearrange PDF page

sometimes people would like to rearrange the PDF file pages for the sequence, in this case, they can use the PDFPro online tool. This tool will rearrange the page order and will download the new file.


10. Add Header and footer

If you would like to add the Page header in PDF file then you can use the sejda online tool. This will add the Page header and footer for all PDF pages.


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