The washing machine is an essential part of every home, many companies manufacturing high-end washing machine. IFB Washing machine is best and quality brand around the world, sometimes people complaining its lifetime is very lesser even if they buy high-end washing machines. They must know about important things to extend washing machine lifetime.

Align properly

Basement important for everything’s, washing machine also align proper basement level, otherwise, it will be shaking and possible to reduce the efficiency. Some people fit their washing machine in moving tray for easy to shift anywhere, but while using the washing machine with moving tray it must be locked properly to reduce the unwanted vibrations.


Check Water level

Before starting the wash must fill the water level as per manufacturer instructions. If you use the high water with fewer clothes or High cloths with less water will affect your washing efficiency. Also possible to reduce the machine lifetime.


Don’t Overload and make proper settings

Strictly follow the role of loading cloths weight, if your washing machine allowed 6 KG then you must use this weight don’t make it overload. This will impact the washing machine motor efficiency. Also, you have to use the proper washing settings as per manufacturer instructions, for example, if you make the hard wash settings and input the lightweight cloths it will reduce the life of your clothes and washing machine lifetime.


Don’t overload the dryer

A dryer is an important feature of the washing machine, most of the people always overload the dryer for the quick dryer for the clothes. Typically, a dryer is designed to filter the cloths wet only, so you must make it complete drying your clothes outside temperature.


Use proper Detergent

Always use the proper detergent powder or liquid as per the manufacturer suggestion. Some detergent powder makes it rust in your washing drum. So after washing you must make it clean your washing machine inside.


Check the water fill system

You must always check the water filling system in your washing machine, because sometimes inside of the water filling system leaks to dryer this will hugely impact the washing machine lifetime.


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