Firefox is one of the famous browsers in internet users. In this browser have many advanced feature high security level. But many people are not aware about all Firefox features. In this topic explain about most important tips and tricks for browser users.


Private browsing

firefox tips and tricks

Private browsing is very important feature for security issues. If user browsing from public computer they can use private browsing window. In this tab will not store your browsing history, cookies, and temporary internet files. This will be high secure if you access email or banking account from others computer.


Sync Data

sync firefox bookmarks

Firefox sync allows, you can share your browser bookmarks one computer to another computer and any other devices also. If you have many favorite website bookmarks in your desktop or laptop, you can synchronize the data to your mobile or Tablet using Firefox sync server.


Website Shortcut

firefox website deskop short cut

Some people visit particular website often, in this situation if the particular website link in their desktop they can easily access. You can make it your favorite website shortcut to your desktop by drag and drop the browser icon in Firefox address bar.


Master Password

firefox master password

Firefox Master Password is very useful for secure your browser saved passwords. If you used remember password option in email account on your own computer, but unexpectedly if unknown person access your computer, they can enter your email account also. In this situation you can prevent using Firefox browser master password. Firefox Master Password will protect your browser saved passwords.


Enable Mailto

firefox enable mail to

When you try to send email by click on website email link by default it will open empty browser page. We can set it will open yahoo mail or Gmail. Go to Options window by click on Firefox button -> Options -> Options. Now select the Application Tab and filter mailto in search area, than select your desired email such as yahoo mail or Gmail. Also you can select Outlook mail client, if you already installed in your computer. After that whenever click website email link, Firefox browser will automatically open email page as per your setup.


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