Now a day everyone use USB drive, for getting backup data’s from your computer or Laptops. USB backup is very famous method gets the backup files rather than CD or DVD backups. Also High volume USB price is very low. These are the reason many people like USB drive for backup data’s.


Some times this will be make security problems. When use your computer someone, easy to stolen your computer data’s without your knowledge and another issues computer virus will be easy to affect USB drives. We can easy to solve these problems.


How to prevent stolen your computer data via USB drive?

We can secure our computer data’s from stolen via USB drives by using simple steps:

Go to Start -> Run -> type “regedit” and press Enter than go to



Now in the right side area select Start and right click than select modify Edit DWORD window will be displayed you can change the value data from 3 to 4 and click OK.


Now in your USB drive port will be blocked. If you connect the USB drive in your computer USB device will not detected. If you would like to enable USB drive just change from 4 to 3 by using same steps.


How to remove computer virus in USB drive?

Computer virus will be harm in your computer or Laptop or any other devices. Most of the virus spread from USB drives. We can remove the USB virus by using following way:


Download and install the best Free Antivirus if you don’t have antivirus software already. And right click the USB drive in my computer area, than select scan with AVG option. Now your USB drive will be scanned and if any virus found that will be removed. Some virus will not be removed from any antivirus software. In this situation we must format USB drive. Select the USB drive and right click than select Format, format window will be displayed enable the Quick format under Format options and click to start. Now all your USB drive files will be deleted also all virus will be removed from your USB Drives.


Strongly recommended if you have any important files in your USB drive must try to clean from premium Antivirus software.


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