Just-in-time or JIT approach has gained a lot of popularity in the manufacturing industry all over the world in the last decade. The approach helps in eliminating the sources of waste in the production activities by making sure that the correct parts are available at the correct place and at the correct time.

Avoiding waste of time, investment, and productivity are some of the most important benefits of implementing JIT. However, these benefits can be further enhanced when the approach is combined with a custom software solution. Let us try to find out how.

Easier monitoring of inventory

Monitoring the inventory is one of the most important steps for experiencing the benefits that JIT has to offer. This helps in the correct timing of the replacement deliveries as and when needed. This balancing act can be better managed by custom manufacturing software solutions offered by professional companies. With the help of the software, it is easier to avoid running out of the stock and upsetting the customers while also making sure that the inventory costs are minimized.


Reduced errors

If the inventory is being managed manually, it is clearly prone to a number of errors, poor forecasts, without the proper means for measuring the supply and demand. At times, these errors can prove very expensive.

The custom software solutions can automate this entire process, send you alerts when the inventory levels are falling and can do a lot more to better implement the JIT. Moreover, there are many different types of software now available which can be easily afforded by the smallest of companies.


Reduces miscounts

Another common problem at the order fulfillment and receiving stage is inventory miscounts, especially when things are being managed manually. Custom solutions with bar code scanning and electronic data interchange can be the much-needed relief here.

With the help of these solutions, businesses can also sync their systems to that of the suppliers who can monitor the inventory levels at distribution centers, factories, or stores and replenish the same when the levels are low.


Logistics scheduling

With the help of custom solutions, the logistics can be automatically scheduled in real-time. The software can schedule and reschedule the vehicles and drivers on the basis of operational problems like delays, last-minute orders, warehouse or depot activity, etc.

Logistics surely play an integral role in managing the inventory, and it is with the help of an advanced custom JIT solution that it can be managed in the best possible manner.

There are a number of ways in which custom software solutions can help manufacturing industries implement JIT. Just ensure that you consult with a reputed IT firm that can understand your requirements in detail to develop a software which perfectly suits your custom needs.


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