Internet usage is most important today for everyone. Now a day’s entire family using internet for improve knowledge.  We must prevent adult websites from children’s. Many people also don’t like adult content websites. But when we try to search by using Google search engine sometimes inappropriate content will be displayed.  This problem appears in all of Google Products such as YouTube video, blogger, Google Play store.


How to filter inappropriate results from Google products?

Google Safety Centre provide the solution to solve this issue on all products by Google family friendly Search, YouTube Video Filter, Inappropriate apps out in Google Play store, Keep safe blogs content in Google Blog Spot results.


How to prevent inappropriate content from Google search results?

Go to Google search settings page and select filter explicit results and save. If you would this filter should not be change anyone, you must lock this filter by click Lock Safe Search link. After that Lock Safe search confirmation page will be displayed. You must make confirmation by click on Lock Safe Search button. Now your browser will be locked from inappropriate Google search results.


You can easily identify if your browser in locked Safe Search, by displayed colored ball in the top right corner in result page. Please note you must make these settings in all your browsers.



How to prevent inappropriate Video from YouTube?

Go to YouTube page login with Google account and scroll down, click the Safety: Off button select ON option and click Lock safety mode on this browser link again it will ask for login.


After login you browser successfully saved your settings. Now your browser safe with YouTube search results. You can any time unlock this safety mode by click on Safety: On button and click the Unlock safety mode on this browser link.


How to prevent Inappropriate Apps from Google App Store results?

Google Play store by default filtered inappropriate apps from results. If you found any inappropriate apps, scroll down the bottom of apps page and select the flag inappropriate than select the inappropriate type and submit. After review the Google Team if they feel that is not appropriate apps. They will move or block the apps.


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