Running an office is a difficult task. Several employees must all be taught to work together towards a common goal in order to help grow a business. Employers are often seeking ways to increase the efficiency and productivity of their staff. Here are six different ways to help enhance the output of an office.


1. Office Calendar

Much like an individual employee, an entire office must operate on a schedule in order to be productive. Work days that are more organized and scheduled will inherently be more productive than those that aren’t planned at all. One of the struggles of running an office is keeping every employee on the same schedule. This is true on a day-to-day basis as well as a monthly and yearly basis. A great way to combat this lack of communication is to have an office calendar to which every employee has access. These calendars can be integrated into every computer in the office so that each member of the staff knows what needs to be done each day.


2. Evernote

Evernote is a software that allows notes and other documentation to be shared amongst multiple different users. This makes it possible for employees throughout an office to communicate ideas and other informal changes. Unlike email or other more formal means of communication, Evernote allows different users to edit the same files. This application helps to increase productivity by allowing employees to work on certain project when they have the time. Progress on projects no longer has to be delayed until everyone has a free moment at the same time. Evernote allows projects to be completed even with scheduling conflicts.


3. Weekly Meetings

One of the most important aspects of productivity is communication. Even the smallest offices are divided into different teams or groups that each have a specific task to complete. The success and productivity of the overall company is dependent upon these individual groups working in tandem. Businesses often run into problems as communication between these different groups can falter quite easily. A great way to combat this lack of communication is having a weekly meeting. This ensures that all employees from different areas are all on the same page when it comes to specific projects.


4. IT Services

Technology is an integral part of every thriving business in the 21st century. When integrated properly, these technologies can help to save money, enhance efficiency and increase overall productivity. What many companies fail to realize is that these technologies must be incorporated correctly in order for them to work properly. An office won’t necessarily be more productive simply because they have expensive computers. Employers should consider hiring IT professionals who will integrate technology directly into an office’s current workflow to increase productivity naturally. Throttlenet and other IT managed services specialize in helping offices optimize their technologies.


5. Working from Home

The idea of having employees work from home is a picture that scares many employers. Managers often envision their staff sitting at home on their couch and eating chips instead of working. Most companies would much rather have all employees at the office during paid hours to keep an eye on their work. However, a 2-year study out of Stanford has provided hard data that suggests working from home can actually increase productivity. While the results may differ from office to office, those employers who are struggling with a lack of space should consider offering a work-from-home option for some of their staff.


6. Training Employees

Every impetus for change within an office should come from managers and employers. If a company is in need of more productivity, then change needs to begin from the top. Training employees is one of the most effective ways to ensure an office is working at peak efficiency. Not only does this training ensure that each member of the staff is competent, but it also keeps all employees on the same page. They all know what to expect from themselves and others as they have all received the same training. This uniform approach can also help an office to work more as a team.


Office productivity is an important indicator of future success. If projects and tasks are not being completed in a timely manner, business will struggle to stay afloat. It is in the best interest of employees and employers alike to increase the productivity within the office. These six steps can help any business get started in the right direction.


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