If you would like to know about anything you can watch videos on YouTube, in this video portal many new videos uploaded every day. Many people frequently watching YouTube videos for latest movie reviews, mobile review and to get knowledge for any information. Sometimes people struggle to hear the sound in YouTube videos, by default we can increase the volume YouTube videos and user computer volume. If we increase volume in the both way, still volume is not enough?
increase youtube volume

Increase YouTube sound 200%

If you do not satisfy the YouTube video volume, you can increase volume up to 200% by using following method:

  1. Download and install VLC Media player in your PC
  2. Copy the YouTube videos URL
  3. Open the VLC player and Go to Media -> Open Network Stream menu
  4. vlc media player

  5. Open Media will be open, In Network Tab enter the YouTube video URL and click on Play button to view the videos
  6. vlc network stream

  7. Now YouTube video will be run from VLC Media player, you can increase the volume using VLC media player
  8. Also, Press Ctrl + UP arrow key to increase the volume up to 200%
  9. increase YouTube volume 200%

Now you can hear the YouTube video volume some more loudly, but if you use the VLC open network stream method low bandwidth internet user cannot watch the video properly. In this cause, they can download the YouTube video using Savefrom.net online tool and watch the videos without a struggle.



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