Instagram has become one of the most increasingly popular social networking and picture sharing platforms. So much so that it recently crossed 1 billion monthly active users, out of whom, 400 million users log in daily. These figures put Instagram at the forefront of e-commerce and social media marketing.


According to reports, users able to search on products and make purchases directly in the app. Instagram has reduced to comment, though.

68% of users are known to regularly engage with the brands that they follow on Instagram. This is a number you must take into account when running your online e-commerce business. For an e-commerce business, this is a huge market that has not yet been flooded by the marketers and businesses. Instagram holds huge potential for the e-commerce businesses worldwide and now facilitates the businesses with multiple features etc.


Following are 5 ways you can integrate Instagram with your e-commerce website to achieve higher traffic and subsequently greater sales:

1. Instagram Stories

Instagram stories can act as a great way for your brand to engage with your audience on the platform. Keep in mind though, that with the new Instagram algorithm, not all of your followers might see the content that you post. Instagram stories can build your brands image if used correctly. There’s a 15 second limit on the story you post so the business has to be creative with regards to the content that they’re posting.

96% of the US Fashion brands are on Instagram and if you look at the top 100 brands in the world, 90% are present on Instagram. There’s an additional feature to ‘Swipe up’, which allows the users to swipe up and go to a particular web address or a website.


2. The “Shop Now” Button

Since November 2016, Instagram has introduced a ‘Shop Now’ button in the advertisement options. Clicking on the button leads you to an in-app browser so it is a great way to generate impulse sales. Shoppers are at ease considering that they don’t have to leave the app to shop and the action can be performed within the in-app browser by Instagram.

You can place the button directly under the post of the website and it will act as a great tool to drive traffic towards your website by linking the button to your e-commerce website.


3. Embedding Instagram on the website

There are numerous advantages of embedding your Instagram feeds into your e-commerce website, which is why it has become one of the most popular e-commerce trends in digital marketing.

If a brand invests time, energy and money in maintaining their social media presence and making it an integral part of their marketing campaign, it only makes sense to embed their Instagram account on their e-commerce website.


4. UseInstagram Photos on your website

Instagram photos convert better than the normal generic brand commercial photos because of simple photography principles. According to research, Instagram photos generate 36% more engagement than videos. Take good quality photos and use them both on your website and your Instagram. This will also help create a stronger brand identity.


5. User Generated content

It is no secret that user-generated content is more popular among consumers and helps build trust among them. Users generate and share the content on their Instagram feeds while the brand curates the content; simple and easy. Content from the past buyers helps influence the visitor’s shopping decision.

Although potential buyers would love to read reviews research shows that visual content is very influential when it comes to making purchase decisions.

Following were 5 super effective ways to integrate Instagram with your e-commerce website. Of course, there are more ways so the more creative you get with them, the better. Good luck!


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