With drastic changes in lifestyle, our money spending habits have also been changed. There was a time when we used mobile phones to make calls and to send text messages This habit is now replaced by video calls and online messaging services. In our mobile bills, we majorly pay for the data usage. This makes us think that we really have to save money on our mobile bills then all we need to do is to control our data usage.
There are two ways to do this one is you can ask your service provider to set a limit to your data usage and to through an alarm message when you reach the particular amount of data and the another way is to monitor your data usage so whenever you are about to cross a data limit you have already set your phone it gives you a notification. Understand the need to put a cap on the data usage by yourself Systweak software has developed a tool which allows you to keep an eye and to control data usage on your smartphone.


Let us explore the features of this application

Dashboard: After download and install when you will open the Check Data Usage App you will see a home screen.
From here you can set your data plan. You can tap on “Set data plan” to enter data in MB and number of days.

you will be able to select a number of days in multiples of 15 alternatively you can set the start date and end date for your plan. You will get an alert once 90% of your data exhausts for instance if you have mentioned that you have 2 GB data then you will get an alert when 1.8 GB data is exhausted. You can also set this alert limit manually. You can also activate “Show Wi-Fi in Notification” option to see Wi-Fi data usage in the notification window


Let us understand other options:

Optimize the Internet: This option is for optimizing the internet on your device. It clears all the background apps using the internet


Clean Cache: This option will help you to clear cache from your devices. Caches are temporary files, which is saving the internet usage data on your devices


RAM Clean: You can use Ram clean to stop all background apps which helps you to boost the performance of your current applications


Data Use Chart: To dive deep into detailed analysis of your data usage including Wi-Fi, then data usage chart will show you date wise graphical representation of your data usage.
Summary: In summary, you will find how much amount of data is used in overall in a month via Wi-Fi or via mobile data


Settings: In the settings menu, you will find two options.


Basic settings: Here you can do some basic settings such as to set “Daily data usage limit”
It gives you a notification when you when you exceed your daily data limit. You can also restore settings to default for data and Wi-Fi usage from here


Notification Settings: Here you can set what Notifications you will get from the application. For instance, you can set to get a notification once you reach daily usage limit you can also set notifications to be cancellable or to be rigid /non-cancelable.


App Exclusion List: If your data usage plan comes with unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp etc. you can use this option. Here you can exclude any app from data monitoring
This amazing application has got all the features you need in a data monitoring application


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