Microsoft Office is very important software for everyone. But some people feel this license cost is very huge amount, why because they are doing just simple work of Word document, Excel document and Power Point presentation. In this cause they find MS Office alternative software with free license cost.

Some open source Apps available for Alternative of MS Office, such as Apache OpenOffice, KingSoft Office, LibreOffice and SoftMarker FreeOffice. But which one all feature nearest to Microsoft Office?


Why Kingsoft Office Best attentive of Microsoft Office?

KingSoft Office is best rather than others OpenOffice packages. Because KingSoft Office most of the feature is same as MS Office. If you open the Word or Excel in KingSoft Office, after change the document you can directly save the same format of docx or xls. But other OpenOffice packages must do save their own format, after that we must do Save As to docx or xls. You can save your money from software license. Kingsoft Office not only for computer, this is supported for android phone, iPhone and iPad.


Kingsoft Writer

KingSoft Office is best alternative for MS Word. Most of this feature same as MS Word. This is supported to header and footer, PDF conversion, Add borders and mores. You can open the existing word document in Kingsoft Writer without affect the layout.


Kingsoft Writer Features:

  • Paragraph Adjustment tool
  • Multiple Document Tab
  • Table Adjustment
  • Build-in Word to PDF convertor
  • Mail Merge
  • Cross-Reference
  • Equation and Symbol
  • Various Document Viewing Methods
  • Page Break
  • Word Counter


Kingsoft Spreadsheets

KingSoft Spreadsheets is best alternative for MS Excel. Most of this feature same as MS Excel. You can open the existing Excel document in Kingsoft Spreadsheets without affect the layout.


Kingsoft Spreadsheets Features:

  • Directly save workbook *.Xlsx, *.Xlsm format
  • Expand the row and column
  • Support auto filter with color
  • Add GetPivotData function
  • Charts
  • All sorts of Formulas
  • Multiple Document Tab
  • Document Encryption


Kingsoft Presentation

KingSoft Presentation is best alternative for MS PowerPoint. Most of this feature same as MS PowerPoint. You can open the existing ppt document in Kingsoft PowerPoint without affect the layout.


Kingsoft Presentation Features:

  • Built-in PowerPoint to PDF convertor
  • Multiple Document Tabs
  • Design Slide Layout
  • Apply Various PPT Templates
  • Movies, Flash, Chart, Graphics integration


Download Kingsoft Free Office 2013 from following link:


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