Today’s many people make the food order through mobile apps, some people don’t know about how to book the order and pay the money online. This post explains how you can book the order through Uber Eats App and make the payment through online.


Make Food order through Uber Eats

  1. Open the play store and search the Uber Eats and find the App
  2. Install and open the Uber Eats App
  3. After opening you have to log in with your Mobile Number (if you are not registered you must signup with your mobile number)\
  4. After login you have to enable your device location (GPS)
  5. Now the app will be automatically picking your location and show the nearest Restaurant
  6. You can also search and Restaurant and Food
  7. Once choose the restaurant you can select your desired dishes and select the quantity by click on the plus icon
  8. Then click on the View cart it will be open the payment page, here you can add your payment method
  9. By default supported the cash on delivery, you can also add the PayTM wallet or Credit Card
  10. Once choose the payment you can click on the Place order


Please be noted your location automatically picked from the Mobile GPS, before place the order you have to review your location status. Once place the order restaurant will accept your orders, after accepting the order it will show the delivery time. Once a delivery agent has been assigned this order, his contact details will be shared you, So you can contact him for your location if they have any clarifications.

Also, you cannot cancel the order after the restaurant accepts, so you have to make the order carefully.


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