Bloggers always helps to others problems through email answers. Many time they received same question for solve problems. In this situation writing reply email is take much more time, so some people maintain predefined email content template in separate documents. If they received same question they can reply by using this content templates.


How we can maintain email content template in Gmail?

You can replay answer using email content template for same questions. Gmail provide for this solution through canned response. So you can easily reply answer for same question using these features.


How to enable canned response in Gmail

You can enable the canned response in Gmail by doing following steps:

  1. Go Settings page by click on Gear icon
  2. Select the Lab Tabs
  3. Type canned in search for lab textbox
  4. Canned Response Feature will be appear in Available Labs area, select Enable and click save changes button

Now canned response features enable in your email account.

enable canned responses

Create canned response

You can create new canned response by doing following steps:

  1. Click to create Compose mail button, new message window will be appear
  2. Enter your email content in text area
  3. Click more options button in next to delete icon
  4. Select Canned responses -> New Canned responses
  5. Than enter your Canned response name and click OK button

Now your email template will be saved and send email by using these features, also you can create many email templates.

how to create canned response


Insert and Delete canned response

You can reply answers through canned response by using following steps:

  1. Click more options button in next to delete icon
  2. Select Canned responses
  3. Select your desired email template under Insert area
  4. Now selected email content will be displayed in email text area
  5. You can delete unwanted content template by click on template under Delete area

how to create canned response


Auto Reply with canned responses

You can also use Canned Responses for auto reply by doing following steps:

  1. Go Settings page by click on Gear icon
  2. Select the filter Tab
  3. Click to Create a new filter
  4. You can enter your matches word for predefined answer
  5. Then click create a filter with this search link in the bottom window
  6. Enable Send canned responses and select predefined template from choose canned responses link
  7. Click create filter button

Now your email auto reply enabled with canned responses. If anyone send email to you and keyword matches your filter criteria, than auto reply will send to email senders.


auto reply canned response


Note: Please make sure enable this auto response with appropriate keywords and make test email to yourself before activating these features.


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