Who is not fond of buying the latest smartphones? Everyone likes to be updated with the newest and advanced mobile phones that hit the market regularly. There are Apple iPhones, Android phones, and Windows phones, which have a new version released almost every year. With all these cool smartphones, it is obvious that you will be tempted to buy them at the moment when it gets released. However, have you ever thought about saving money when buying these latest gadgets? Are you looking for quality mobile phones and at the same time ways to save money on these phones? If your answer is Yes, please read on.

Reconditioned or second-hand mobile phones are the best options if you want a costly high-end phone, but don’t have the money to buy a brand new one. If you are in search of the money-saving deal on a reconditioned iPhone, you can go online and start browsing the third-party authorized dealers’ shops. I bet you will obviously grab a favorable deal!

Interested in buying a brand new Smartphone? These tips are for you!

So, you want to buy a brand new mobile phone. That’s really good. However, if you want to save money on a new phone then you should keep the following essential tips in mind.

1. Wait for Few Months

You can save money by waiting for a couple of months after the release of a new model. The price of a smartphone is the highest when it is released, but drops considerably in a few months.


2. Go for an Unlocked Smartphone

If possible, you should choose an unlocked since this can save you a lot of money. You won’t need to pay monthly installments when you buy a SIM-Only Unlocked phone. Further, you are contract-free and you can easily choose another carrier if the one you are already with is charging too much.


3. Upgrading Plans

Most phone manufacturing companies provide replacement plans, through which their customers can give back their old phones to the company and buy new phones at discounted prices. For instance, Apple iPhone Upgrade Programme, If you are an iPhone owner and now thinking of getting a new one, you can simply consider this program to upgrade your phone in a short budget.


4. Buy the Previous Model

As far as smartphone shopping goes, you can save a great deal of money by investing in the previous model of your favorite brand. As soon as the latest model of a cell phone comes out, the price of the previous model falls. If you are willing to own a previous model, you can save hundreds of pounds. Generally, the next-to-the-newest version of a mobile phone has almost all the features of the newest one at a much lower price.


5. Sell Your Old Phone

If you are not in the contract with the mobile company or the carrier, then probably you will not be eligible for upgrade programmes. Well, no worry. I have a solution for you. You can sell your old phone and make money in return. Then, you can use this earning in purchasing a new handset of your choice. It will cut off the price of a new phone!


Reconditioned or Second-hand Phones

If the new mobile phone is a bit heavy on the pocket, you can consider buying a second hand or reconditioned phone. Most of the times, you will get a used phone with a reduced price but at the same time in a pristine condition which is as good as new.

Such kind of phones are the ones that have been remodeled or repaired to give a new look or fix any faults. They are repaired by an approved technician and put forth for resale as reconditioned phones. In addition, many mobile users return their new phones to the company after buying them instantly because these phones did not suit their taste. Such kind of phones is also sold as reconditioned phones.

The best thing is that reconditioned or second-hand phones are cheaper than brand new ones. Follow the below-mentioned tips for getting a money-saving deal on a refurbished phone.


1. Try Buying a second hand from Auction and Craigslist Sites

eBay and Craigslist are two big platforms that present you a vast collection of second hand and refurbished phones. You can probably get a good bargain here because the products are often less than half the price of a brand new one. However, just be cautious when buying from these sites and ensure the sellers are reputable and have credibility before you buy from them.


2. Explore Authorised Dealers’ Websites

There are third-party certified sellers/dealers who are approved by the mobile manufacturing companies. They offer factory refurbished and good-quality used phones at pocket-friendly prices. As well, they supply warranty and money back guarantee plans for their reconditioned products. So, you can easily get a money-saving deal from these websites.


3. Go for Money-Saving Coupons and Discount Vouchers

There are plenty of promotional and discount vouchers available throughout the year. You can ask for discounts on most of the retail shops such as Amazon and Gazelle. These deals will help you save tons of money when you buy a reconditioned phone. So, keep looking for discounts on online shops.


4. Don’t Accept the First Offer

If you are looking for second-hand phones to own a cheap iPhone, it is advised that you should don’t accept the first offer you find. Try to explore deeply, check out more and more places for the prices and the discounts offered. Compare the price difference and their benefits to choose the best one. This trick will surely help you to save money on your purchase.


5. Don’t Forget to Check Out Warranty

Try to find the deal with warranty when you are interested in buying a reconditioned iPhone. Normally, the warranty period of 6 months is available despite the cheap price of the phone. This option will not only help you get the good quality phone at low cost but also give you maximum satisfaction regarding the purchase.


Now the choice is yours; either you can go for a brand new smartphone or simply buy a second hand one. Hence, if you follow the above mentioned useful tips for both, you will obviously grab a deal that only suits your taste but also saves you tons of money.


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