Website performance is important for all websites. Server uptime is one of the most important, this is based on your hosting server performance. Now a day’s many server hosting companies provides unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth with low price. But the question is how to monitor hosting server uptime and downtime.


Server Uptime is which time your server is working normally. Downtime is how many minutes, hours your server is not working. In many cases sometime server going to down such as overload for server, limitation of bandwidth, server request error, networking error.


All this causes will be affect your website performance. For example if you promote your website using Google AdWords. In that time if your website is down, your fully money will be lose. So website downtime and uptime monitor is very important for your website.


Monitor your website Free of Cost

Now a days many company provide the tool for website uptime and downtime. But the service will be charged for monthly or yearly. UptimeRobot provides this services fully free of cost. You can monitor up to 50 websites using this tool totally free of cost.


Start Monitor Immediately:

After created the free account you need to add your website details by following steps:

  1. Click the Add New Monitor button. New monitor setting window appear.
  2. Select monitor Type should be HTTP(S) and enter your website name as friendly name. Enter your website URL and monitoring interval should be 5 minutes (by default 5 minutes)




Now your website is monitoring under Uptime and downtime. Whenever going to down your website email notification send to your configured email address. You can also check the status about your website by click on website name than status will be displayed.





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